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The Evesham Town Plan Anti-Litter Group will be in action again to support UK wide initiative 'Love Parks Week' to celebrate the town's beautiful parks on July 21st.  

The seven-day celebration will be taking place between 13th and 22nd of July where hundreds of parks across the country will be coming together to celebrate local parks. This year, the theme of the week is 'It started in a park', leading to the public coming together to celebrate all that is great about the UK's natural spaces.  

The Evesham Town Plan Anti-Litter Group will be joining leading environmental charity, Keep Britain Tidy in encouraging the conservation of natural outdoor spaces so families, residents and visitors can enjoy green spaces for years to come.  

On Saturday 21st July, the anti-litter group intend to host a litter pick as part of the celebrations, inviting volunteers to help them tidy up Evesham’s beautiful parks, focusing on the woodlands area by the side of brook. The group will be meeting on the B&Q car park at 10:30 am and all equipment, including pick sticks, hoops, gloves and vests, will be included.  

Through the pick, the group hope to return the parks to their beautiful origins while ensuring that they’re clean and safe for families to enjoy for the future. Volunteers are also hoping that residents and visitors will see the work being carried out and extend the same mindset to the rest of Evesham’s open spaces so that the town can continue to use and enjoy them 

Allison Ogden-Newton, Chief Executive of Keep Britain Tidy, said “Many of us have fantastic memories that started in a park – whether it’s flying a kite, teaching our children to ride a bike or a hundred other things. 


 “Let’s recreate those happy times and celebrate our fabulous green spaces by enjoying some time in your local park. Great things start in a park, and who knows what else will begin this Love Parks Week.” 


 Gerry O’Donnell, local councillor and Chairman of The Evesham Town Plan Anti-Litter Group said, “We hope this pick not only inspires residents to spend more time in the gorgeous parks in and around Evesham but also to take care of their surroundings.”  

He continued, “Parks are for the enjoyment of residents and visitors, and yet we see people treating them badly, leaving rubbish and even fly-tipping. It’s time for that to stop, and return to a scenic landscape that can be enjoyed by all.”  

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