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New Homes Bonus Consultation 2021 - Have your say

Evesham Town Council is asking for public feedback regarding two applications in relation to New Homes Bonus (NHB) funding. 

The projects are not competing against each other for funding, and you could support every one or none of them. When you consider what grade to award you should consider whether you think it offers value for money, how it will benefit the town and the community, what long-term legacy it will or will not have, whether you think New Homes Bonus is an appropriate source for the project, and of course whether you think the project is a good one.

We are not able to hold our usual consultation meeting at the Town Hall this year, due to the lockdown regulations. So it's really important that as many people as possible complete this online survey so that we can get a good indication of how much support these projects have in the community. 

The projects put forward for consultation are:

  1. Caring Hands in the Vale - The Lighthouse Project - £31,000
    View application form
    View supporting documents

  2. Evesham Civic Society - Relocate cattle trough to Elm Road - £5,000
    View application form

Take the survey here

What is New Homes Bonus?

The government introduced the New Homes Bonus in April 2011.  The bonus was designed to ensure that the economic benefits of housing growth are returned to the councils and communities where that growth takes place.  For every new home built and occupied in Wychavon, and every long-term empty home brought back into use, the government gives Wychavon District Council (WDC) a non-ring fenced New Homes Bonus grant each year for six years.

The Deadline for completed surveys is 6th September 2021

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