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The Town Mayor of Evesham expressed his sadness following vandalism at Hampton Cemetery in the early morning of Sunday 16 June.  A number of graves had flowers pulled up, and wooden crosses and ornaments picked up and thrown about.

A member of the Town Council’s staff and PCSO’s were on hand on Sunday to help replant and tidy up the cemetery as well as to reassure members of the public.  Whilst mourners were upset there was also a community spirit in defiance of these actions. 

The Town Mayor Cllr Mark Goodge said ‘I was very saddened to hear about the mindless vandalism that took place at Hampton Cemetery.  As is often the case  the actions of a few have a big impact, however, I was encouraged to hear about the sense of defiance from those present that they would not let this get them down.  I would also like to thank the members of the public, West Mercia Police, a fellow Councillor and a member of Town Council staff who all attended on Sunday to help tidy up and replant’.

The Town Clerk Mr Stuart Carter was keen to stress that there was neither damage to headstones nor any attempt to damage headstones and that the cemetery was now fully tidied.  It was also highlighted that this was an isolated incident and that there had been no reports of vandalism in Hampton Cemetery for many years.

The Town Council will liaise with the police going forward as they pursue their lines of inquiry. 

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