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Evesham Town Council will pay tribute to a beloved member of the local community with a series of photographs that celebrate his life, at the upcoming '#Love Evesham' event on Saturday 14th April.

Wolff Wahle, who lived in Evesham for 63 years until his passing in 2010, was a keen photographer and captured more than 230 images in and around the town dating back to the 1970s. Many of these pictures will be on display at the ‘Civic Society: Conservation Area’ stand during the event.

Colin Tether, Evesham Town Councillor and Chairman of the Evesham Town Plan Committee, commented: "We were delighted to be contacted by Wolff's daughter Christina, who'd discovered her father's photographs, and thought they would make an excellent addition to the 'Love Evesham' event.  The Civic Society has put together a wonderful display of the photographs which are really worth seeing.

"The photographs were obviously taken and looked after with a great deal of care and we're very excited to give local residents a glimpse into Wolff's life all those years ago in the town he so clearly loved."

Born in Berlin in April 1925, Wolff was brought to Britain at the age of 19 as a prisoner of war. He quickly learned English and upon his release in 1948, chose to stay and build a life in Britain. By 1956, Wolff had married and moved to Fairfield in Evesham.

Throughout his life, Wolff was an active member of the Evesham community; he was one of the first members of the Evesham Civic Society, served on the Social Security Appeal Tribunal and was a board member for Rooftop Housing. He is remembered as a generous friend and a cheerful, optimistic man who had a gift for connecting with people and the world around him.

Colin added: "#The 'Love Evesham' event will be a celebration of our wonderful town and of people like Wolff, who made it was it is today.

"We'd like to invite everyone from the Worcestershire area and beyond to come along on Saturday 14th April and see what Evesham has to offer."

'#Love Evesham' will take place in the Market Place 10am – 4pm to celebrate the success of the Town Plan, which was adopted in 2015 to improve the lives of local residents and position Evesham as a welcoming, picturesque and interesting place to visit and live in. The event will also offer several activities for children to enjoy, whilst inviting members of the local community to pledge their support for the individual Town Plan projects.

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