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The Evesham Town Plan Anti-Litter Group joined the festivities at this year’s Battle of Evesham event in Crown Meadow. Taking place over Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th August, the volunteer group litter picked across the event’s showground, keeping the space clear for the public to enjoy as they celebrated the town’s history. 


The group, formed as a result of the Town Plan, used the festivities as a fantastic opportunity for volunteers to informally raise their profile to the public, spreading the anti-litter message to all visitors.  

Nine members of the group contributed, successfully collecting 36 large bags of rubbish from the site, leading to event organisers commenting on the cleanliness of Crown Meadow once the celebrations were over.    

Ashleigh James, of the Almonry Centre and Event Coordinator of The Battle of Evesham, commented, “Over the two days we welcomed 10,000 people to Crown Meadow. An important part of the festival was keeping it clean and tidy which wouldn’t have been possible without the support and assistance of the Evesham Town Plan Anti-Litter Group. We hope to work with the group again next year as we plan to make the festival an annual event.” 

The groups anti-litter message was successfully spread throughout the event as members of the public tried to bin their rubbish. However, volunteers noticed that the bins located by the river were overflowing, proving that whilst visitors were trying to respect their environment, there was a need for better waste management on the site.  

Gerry O’Donnell, local councillor and Chairman of the initiative, commented, “We were proud to be invited to the event to spread our important message and keep the site clean for everyone to enjoy. It was especially encouraging to see the public finding bins to put their litter in instead of casting it away, and we hope this is partly down to our efforts over the past 2 years.” 

He continued, “We are working hard to work with the relevant parties to overcome the issues found at this event. For example, next year the larger industrial bins will be placed more strategically during the event and, outside of this, we’re working hard to increase the number of bins in the local area in general.”   

The event organisers and the Evesham Town Plan Anti-Litter Group would like to thank the volunteers for their hard work over the weekend and send their appreciation to the public for respecting their local area.  

The next litter pick will take place on 1st September.  

For more information on upcoming picks and to notify the group of your own litter pick, please visit email or visit  

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