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Town Council’s Finance

Evesham Town Council  voted to increase its precept by on average £4.08 per annum (34p per month) for the 2018/19 financial year.  

The reason for the increase is multiple.  The Council is responsible for the upkeep of the Grade 1 listed Almonry building.  A survey has highlighted that urgent remedial work is required, primarily to the roof and the electrics.  Any work to a building of this age is expensive and we have increased the budget for maintenance to reflect this. 

The Council is looking at new offices as it is likely that we will be leaving the Contact Centre in the coming year and the budget for this has been increased.  The Council continues to support Wallace House with a grant to ensure its future for the people of Evesham. 

2018/19 is likely to be the first year since 2009 that local government staff will see a cost of living pay increase beyond 1%, this has been budgeted for.

In the present year the Town Council has invested from reserves in the Market, purchasing new stalls and bringing in a new operator.  The Town Council is also involved in the ‘Enlighten Evesham’ project in partnership with Wychavon District Council.  This project will see new lighting for the Almonry, the Bell Tower and the War Memorial.  The Town Council is meeting the cost of new lighting at the War Memorial which we hope will be in place in time to mark 100 years since the end of WW1.

Cllr Richard Jones, Evesham Town Mayor at the time of approving the rise said, ‘putting up the Council’s precept, the cost of which is met by the people of Evesham, is not a decision we take lightly.  However, the Town Council receives no income from business rates, or from central government.  This years’ decision was reached after much scrutiny.  Along with the much needed restoration spending on the Almonry, we will continue to support grants to local organisations, festivals and events in 2018/19’.  ‘This increase is the equivalent of 34p per month on average.  The Town Council element still represents the smallest portion of your Council Tax bill, and still makes us comparable or cheaper with other towns in the region.  We will continue to strive to deliver the Town Plan, enhance our facilities such as the Almonry and promote Evesham as the fantastic place it is and we hope that the people of Evesham will support us in doing this.’

The average Evesham household (Band D property), will pay £56.72 per annum in 2018/19 to the Town Council, up from £52.69.  For comparison the average Band D precept charged by a parish/town council or charter trustee in England in Wales for 2017-18 was £61.03, an increase of £3.63, or 6.3%, from 2016-17.  Evesham Town Council is still considerably below the average charge.     


Evesham Town Council is predominantly funded by a precept that is collected from the town’s council tax payers.  In the past financial year (2017/18) a budget with expenditure of £620,745 was approved.  A budgeted income of £111,100 was forecasted for 2017/18.  The difference being between these two figures is £509,645.  WDC have informed the Town Council that they will continue to pass on the grant from Central Government equating to £42,718 to make up for the lost income when Council Tax eligibility rules were changed.  Therefore, Evesham Town Council’s precept is £466,927, added to the grant of £42,718, totalling £509,645 (£473,365 in 2016/17).

This budget  means that the band D equivalent would pay £52.69 per annum, an increase of £1.88 per annum from £50.81.  This is on average an increase of 0.15pence per month per band D equivalent or 3.7%.  

To summarise:

  • the average Evesham household will pay an additonal £1.88 per year in 17/18 to the Town Council.  
  • the average Evesham household will pay £52.69 to the Town Council per annum
  • The main increase in costs to the Council in the forthcoming financial year is related to Wallace House, with £22,500 put in to help support this facility
  • a budget can be downloaded below

The Town Council also receives some income from the services it offers, allotments, Town Hall, Almonry Museum and Tourist Information Centre, and cemeteries, as well as sponsorship of certain things such as floral displays and Christmas lights.  This income is also put into the budget to help pay for the services the Council offers.

The Town Council receives no funding from business rates, and no funding from central government direct.  The Town Council does apply for grants for specific projects when appropriate.

Councillors and Finance

Town Councillors, of which there are 24 in Evesham, are not paid, they are effectively volunteers.  The Town Mayor does receive an annual allowance (currently £5,000, which is subject to tax) to cover the cost of travel and other expenses related to the role.  Anybody can stand as a town councillor though there are criteria that have to be met, information on becoming a town councillor can be found here.

The Council as a whole sets the annual budget detailing how it intends to spend the money it raises.  This expenditure is monitored through the various committees. 

Staff and Finance

The Town Clerk is a fulltime paid employee of the Council, akin to a chief executive.  The Town Clerk is appointed by the Council and is not politically affiliated. The Town Clerk is primarily responsible for implementing the decisions of the council, advising the council, managing budgets, and overseeing the day-to-day running of the council.  The Town Clerk is also the Responsible Financial Officer and Proper Officer, both of which the Council is legally required to have. 

In total, the Council has eight fulltime and five part-time employees.  They work in three different locations, the Town Council office based at the Community Contact Centre on Abbey Road, the Almonry and Tourist Information Centre, and the grounds maintenance team based at Waterside Cemetery.

Below you will find various documents relating to the Town Council finances.

Grant Forms

In 2016/17 financial year the Town Council distributed £16,500 in grants to local organisations including Avonbank Brass Band, Evesham Shopmobility and the Royal  British Legion, to name but a few.

If your group would like to apply for a grant, then please download and complete an application form here.  If you require any assistance then please contact the Town Clerk.