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Evesham Town Plan

At an Extraordinary Meeting of the Town Council on 16 March 2015, the Town Council formally adopted the Town Plan.

This June ambitious plan has been formulated by a voluntary steering group in consultation with the general public and independent of the Town Council or Wychavon District Council.
The Council has resolved to set up a delivery committee to implement the Town Plan which will come into place in May following Council elections.
There will be a public presentation of the Town Plan by the Steering Group at the Town Hall on Monday 23 March, starting at 6.30pm.  This is an open event so please do attend if you can.
In the meantime, the documents are available to download below.

This ambitious plan has been formulated by a voluntary steering group in consultation with the general public and independent of the Town Council or Wychavon District Council.

The Council resolved to set up a delivery committee to implement the Town Plan.  These meetings are public  and we would welcome the input of members of the public regarding anything on the agenda.  The dates of the meetings in the current municipal year and agendas and minutes can be found here.

The Council is keen to engage with residents in dleivering the Town plan and we will need your help.  Meetings are public and whilst they are formal committee meetings, we encourage people to come along and enage with the committee.  For more information on how you can get involved in delivering the Town plan contact the Town Clerk.

The town plan documents are available to download below.


Want to serve on the Town Plan Committee?

Evesham Town Council’s Town Plan Committee is looking for 2 members of the community to be co-opted onto the committee and help us deliver the Town Plan.

What is the Town Plan?

The Town plan is a strategy (Town Plan can be downloaded at the bottom of this page) created by the people of Evesham and adopted by the Town Council.  It sets out a series of priorities and targets in order to make Evesham a better place to live, work and visit.  The Town Council supported by local stakeholders and volunteers are working to deliver as many of these priorities as possible but we can’t do it all on our own.  

What has the Town Pan achieved so far?

 The Town plan has been the catalyst for a number of projects and enhancements in Evesham both directly and indirectly.  IT has been instrumental in brining about the change in the Market Place as we have strived to promote a ‘café culture’.  Working with Wychavon District Council who has adopted the Town Plan as a reference document, it has been central to attracting businesses to the town and gave added confidence to companies like Waitrose and Chase who are behind the plans to develop the Riverside Centre.  

The Enlighten Evesham project that has successfully installed new lighting to the War Memorial  and Bell Tower and is about to commence phase 2 came from the Town Plan and the wish to see a lighting attraction o the town.

Litter Free Evesham was set up as the plan identified that residents wanted to see a cleaner Evesham that we could all be proud of.  The Anti litter group not only conduct regular litter picks they liaise with businesses and schools to try educate and stop the litter being dropped in the first place.

Transport and traffic is a hot topic in Evesham and the Town plan has been central trying to address this through representation on the Evesham Transport Group and the Vale Transport Group.  It has also encouraged cycling activities and recently committed to spending money on a feasibility study for a larger cycle network connecting Evesham with Alcester.

There is so much that has been achieved but there is much more to deliver which is why your help is needed.

What does co-opted mean?

Being co-opted would mean that you are able to come and be part of the Town Plan committee which makes recommendations to council relating to delivering the Town Plan.  You would be a member of the committee, present reports when required and speak about the things relating to the Town plan that you feel passionate about.  Unfortunately legislation means you can’t vote in the committee meetings but you can still take part fully n everything else.  

What is the commitment?

The Town Plan Committee meets at least 5 times a year in the evening at the Town hall. You will be appointed for the full council term until May 2023, though you can step down in the meantime should you want too. Beyond that, there are number of groups involved in delivering certain parts of the Town Plan, for example transport, and anti litter.  You may want to get involved with some of these and/or look at a different element of the Town plan that you would like to take the lead on.

Though you are not a councillor, you will still have to abide by the Council’s rules with regards to meetings, conduct with fellow councillors and officers, communications etc.  

What qualities do I need?

You need to be enthusiastic and a self starter with the motivation to help the Town Council deliver the Town plan.  You need to be willing to listen to others and be willing to work under the constraints of the rules and budgets related to local government.  You will need to promote and push the town plan along and work with others to help do this.  You will also need to be over 18.    

Do I receive any payment?

Unfortunately there is no payment or expenses; however, there may be support and resources available if you decide to pursue a certain aspect of the Town Plan.  You will also have that warm feeling that comes when you are serving your community!

I’m interested…what do I need to do next?

For a chat about the role you can contact Stuart Carter the Town Clerk and/or Councillor Julie Tucker, the Chairman of the Town Plan committee.  To formally apply to be considered you will need to email or write to Stuart Carter, the Town Clerk, detailing who you are, your reasons for wanting to get involved, and any skills both from a professional and/or personal level that you think will benefit the Town Plan committee.  Please also state if there is a particular element of the Town Plan that you are particularly interested in and why.

The deadline for getting this to us is Friday 13 September 2019.  It will then be considered at the Town Plan committee meeting on 23 September.  Any information you include in the letter will be public so please bear this in mind when applying.  

Refill Evesham

Evesham Town Council is pleased to support Refill Evesham as part of the Council’s Town Plan.  Refill Evesham, which is funded by the Town Council, encourages the reduction of single use plastics by signing up local businesses and organisation who in turn offer free refill stations for people in Evesham.  For more information visit the refill website here and the Refill Evesham facebook page here

Litter Free Evesham

As part of the Town Plan, Evesham Town Council launched Litter Free Evesham.  For more information click here.