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Mayors Charities

The Mayor’s Charities 2017-2018

St Richards Hospice

St Richards

It is the nature of the disease that makes me sure that many people will have come into contact with the services of St. Richards. My family did last year when my dear mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  It was her wish to be looked after in St Richards in her last days and they responded magnificently.  The care and tranquillity of the surroundings create a wonderful relaxing atmosphere at a time of distress. I can’t thank the staff and volunteers at St Richards Hospice enough for their dedication and support. For further information visit:


Evesham and District Mental Health Support Services


edhmss logo

Many of us take our mental health for granted. But those with mental health issues often feel isolated and misunderstood. EDMHSS improves the overall well being of people with mental health issues in our area.

Their expertise is in challenging discrimination, finding employment, improving confidence and social skills b use of training and mentoring. They are also on hand to give support and advice.

They carry out amazing work for their clients and are unfunded by Government and so rely solely on grants and donations. I am delighted to be supporting this vital work. For more information visit:


Evesham Adventure Playground

Evesham Adventure Playground logo

Evesham Adventure Playground is a charity that helps to stimulate young minds. In an era where parents find it increasingly difficult to allow children the freedom to roam, the playground offers young people and families the space to have fun together in an environment that challenges and inspires.


It is entirely self-funded and the team do amazing work with few resources. Give them some offcuts of wood and before you know it a new den or maze is ready to explore.  This facility is worthy of our support and totally appreciated by parents and children alike. For more information: