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Evesham Photographic Project

Terms and Conditions
The Town Council is looking to mark the commencement of 100 years since the beginning of WWI with a photographic project utilising the windows of the bottom floor of the Town Hall, formally PJs.  Each window has 10 frames and these will represent each decade, so the Council is looking for people to submit pictures of Evesham and the Vale including its characters taken over the last 10 decades.  The best, most popular and most interesting photos will be used in the display.
1. Photographs are selected for use in the project at the sole discretion of the Town Council’s project team. There will be no payment for the using any picture and the Council will not provide an explanation if deciding not to use a picture.
2. When submitting the photo, please  give as much detail as possible including the date taken, location, names of people in the photo if known, plus any other information you think is relevant 
3. Hard copies of photos can also be submitted to the Town Council office at the contact centre.  Originals will be returned.
4. Digital photos can be emailed to should you wish not to submit them by facebook.
5. The deadline for submitting photos is 29 June 2014.
6. If you are under 16 you must check that your parent or guardian is happy for you to submit your picture. You must provide your name, age, address and the name, contact telephone number and email address of your parent or guardian. We require the consent in writing (which may include e-mail) of the parent or guardian of the author of a photograph who is under 16 years of age in order to publish that photograph and the author's name, and age.
7. By submitting your photograph for use in the project you represent and warrant that it is your own original work, is not copied, and does not contain any third-party materials and/or content that you do not have permission to use. You further warrant and represent that your photograph is not obscene, defamatory or in breach of any applicable legislation or regulations.
8. We cannot consider photographs submitted on behalf of another person.
9. By submitting a photograph you: a) give us permission to reproduce it on the Town Hall bottom floor, plus any other related publicity or exhibitions  b) grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to republish it in any format including without limitation in print and electronic formats; and b) you give us permission to use your name (and age if you are under 16) for the purpose of identifying you as the author of your photograph.
10. We may cut, edit, crop or arrange your photograph(s) or graphic as we think fit to allow the photo to be used in the project
11. IMPORTANT: You retain ownership of the copyright in your photograph as its author and you are free to republish it wherever you wish and in whatever medium you want.
12. We take no responsibility for photographs that are lost, delayed, misdirected or incomplete or cannot be delivered for any technical or other reason. To the extent permitted by law we shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from submission or publication of your photographs (except for death, personal injury or fraud, as a result of negligence).
13. Any personal data submitted by you will be used solely in accordance with current UK data protection legislation. Please see our privacy policy at for details of how personal data may be processed.
14. In these terms and conditions "we" and "us" means Evesham Town Council

To mark 100 years since the outbreak of World War 1, a number of boards were placed on the ground floor of the Town Hall. Photos and images were gathered from the local community and manufactured on boards produced by a local company Areca Designs. The boards drew a lot of interest from locals and visitors alike and helped to make the building look more appealing whilst it was empty.  In 2017, the boards were removed and kept in storage as a new venture took over the tenancy of the ground floor.  


1. The National Anthem Nov 16th 1914

On the 16th November 1914 the people of Evesham gathered in the Market Square for the official send off of troops to war. The Band played the National Anthem as part of the ceremony.

2. Off on active service Nov 16th 1914

The coming of the 1914 war barely a dozen years after the South African Boer War found the nation involved in what was to be the greatest test to date of its economic and manpower resources. Many of the young men of the town who volunteered to serve could, had they so chosen, have remained at home and continued working on the land through-out, or at least until quite late in the war. The first to leave were the local volunteers, ‘D’ company of the 8th Worcesters based at Evesham, who marched from the Drill Hall in Coronation Street to the railway station for their first camp on  5 August 1914.

3. Official send off of the troops Nov 16th 1914

The townsfolk of Evesham turned out for the official send off of local volunteers to the front led by the Mayor, Alfred Farmer Haines,  and the Corporation in the Market Square in November 1914.

4. Thanksgiving  Sunday March 16th 1919

Crowds and troops gathered in the Market Square and throughout the town for Thanksgiving Sunday in 1919.

5. Presenting the Official Address Nov 16th 1914

The Mayor, Alfred Farmer Haines, presented each man with a copy of the official address during the send off ceremony.

6. Ready for active service Nov 16th 1914   

Volunteer soldiers preparing to leave for war at the official send off ceremony.

7. Evesham Floods June 1st 1924

The River Avon is prone to flood after heavy rain, as the inhabitants of Waterside and the lower end of Port Street have found to their cost particularly in 1900, 1908, 1924, 1968, 1997 and 2007.

8. Evesham Town Hall c1910 

A view of the Town Hall c1910. During World War 2 the Auxiliary Fire Service was stationed beneath the Town Hall and fire trucks would emerge from the archways. The building to the right of the picture has long since gone. It was one of Evesham's first coaching inns for receiving mail but in 1931 it was demolished to make way for the road. From 1939-1975 Rightons the costumier and milliner operated out of the new premises built there known as Manchester House the name it still carries today.

9. Looking after the wounded at Abbey Manor

Abbey Manor, the home of the Rudge family, was quickly turned into a military hospital during the First World War. The 25 bed hospital and Red Cross detachment came under the command of Mrs. F. Haynes Rudge. Hundreds of wounded soldiers were cared for there, many of them in later years returning to recall the kindness they received there and from the people of Evesham.

10. 8th Worcester Regiment at Horseshoe Farm

11. Invalid chairs and helpers in the Vicarage garden in April 1916

12. Hay Baling in Harvington    

13. Abbey Manor Soldiers

This group of soldiers are seated by the Obelisk in the grounds of Abbey Manor. The Obelisk is supposed to mark the place where Simon de Montfort met his end.

14. Abbey Manor Nurses and walking wounded

15. Abbey Manor Nurses and staff

This picture taken on 28th May 1919, the week before the men left - probably to, finally,  go home after spending time receiving treatment and care at Abbey Manor Hospital

16. Abbey Park, Evesham

This photo shows the band stand, war memorial and Bell Tower in Abbey Park.  The date is thought to be c1920s.

17. Three Evesham boys ready to go to war

Local soldiers ready to go to war.  If you who they are then please let us know.

18. WW1 Tank on display in Abbey Park

In December 1919 Tank 250 was presented by the National War Savings Committee to the citizens of Evesham in recognition of the readiness with which they lent money to the country in the financial campaigns carried out during the First World War. The tank had  fought at Arras, Cambrai and Messines. The tank remained in Abbey park until August 1940 when according to the Evesham Journal, “ Unhonoured and unsung, it has been reduced to scrap metal, having together with the guns in Workman Gardens, been sold for less than £30.”

19. Epsley’s Saw Mill, Briar Close

This photo was taken on 9 August 1909.  If you have any information on the people in the picture or the saw mill, then please let us know.

20. Coulter's Garage, Evesham

Originally W R Coulter's  was a carriage makers based in the Market Square whose advertising boasted 'every description of vehicle made to order!'

With the coming of the motor car Coulter's kept up with changing times so successfully that the firm expanded to occupy nearly all of their side of the square until the building of the Abbey Gate Shopping Centre in 1989, now of course Riverside Shopping Centre.

George Clifford is pictured in the white smock

21. Smithfield Market, High Street

The Vale of Evesham is known for its production of fruit and vegetables and market gardeners would send their produce to Smithfield Market  where it would be sold by auction.

Until 1880 all fruit and vegetable markets were held in the streets. In February 1880 Joseph Masters obtained rights to hold sales by auction in the Market Place. Harvey Hunt then took the first step towards the provision of a market and erected shedding on land at the top of the High street next to the railway hotel and held the first auction there in December 1881. This as the Smithfield Market continued until the end of the 1970s. The sale of cattle, sheep, and pigs in the street was discontinued in 1888 with the provision of a new cattle market next to Smithfield Market.

22. Townswomen's Guild Carnival Float

Evesham Carnival was a town tradition for many years, and is set to be revived in 2015.  A great photo but the date and the names of the people are not known.  Please let us know if you have any information.

23. Public Hall 1945 unknown event

The Public Hall building was once the site of the Evesham Literary, Scientific &  Mechanics' Institute a place of learning and included the town library. It was also used as the Corn Exchange and  the Farmers ' & Merchants' Hall. The library moved across the way in to the Walker Hall in 1975 and from there it went to its current site in Oat Street in 1990. In 1908 the Public Hall was rebuilt and enlarged to building we see today. It has a seating capacity for about 400 people but is no longer used.

24. Proclamation of Elizabeth II 1952

On 8 February 1952, Princess Elizabeth was formally proclaimed Queen at a ceremony in St James's Palace, London. 

She succeeded her father, King George VI, who had died peacefully in his sleep on 6 February.

This photo shows the Borough Council in the Market Place.

25. Local Dignitaries 1928

This photo depicts local dignitaries at an unknown event in the Market Place in September 1928.  Left to right are William Salmon (Red Lion & King’s Head landlord), James Edwards (Grocer in Port Street, person not known, and Tom Salmon.

26. Evesham boathouse and rowers

The Rowing Club was founded in 1863 as the Evesham Boat Club. One of the co-founders was local Lord of the Manor of Evesham, Edward Charles Rudge. Originally it was the clubs intention to hold a regatta to coincide with the agricultural and horticultural show in September. The first boathouse was just a wooden shed, but the club moved to this building in c1890.

This photo is from an unknown date but depicts W E Lilly (stroke), P J Baylis, P W White and C Collins (bow).

27. Evesham Lights Out Ceremony 4th Aug 2014

The Evesham War Memorial was unveiled on 7th August 1921 on land that was given by the  principal landowners of the area, the Rudge  family. The memorial is unusual in that 1920 is written on it as the date when the war finished. This was because soldiers of the Worcester Regiment were fighting in Russia, and peace was not declared there until 1920.

The lights out Ceremony was a national initiative that marked the commencement of WWI in 1914.

28. Port Street Pantry in the flood – 1932

The River Avon is prone to flood after heavy rain, as the inhabitants of Waterside and the lower end of Port Street have found to their cost particularly in 1900, 1908, 1924, 1932, 1968, 1997 and 2007.

This photo is of the proprietor Harry Thornton (fourth from left), John Cant (fifth from left) and Jack Thornton (far left)

29. Waterside area flooded April 29th 1908

30. Floods in Port Street 1968

31 The Royal Wedding Evesham Station

Crowds of people turned out on the 16th November 1907 in the hope of catching a glimpse of European Royalty arriving for the marriage of Princess Louise d’Orleans and Prince Charles de Bourbon-Siciles. Princess Louise was the sister of the Duc d’Orleans who lived at Wood Norton. As a member of French Royalty his family had  fled France  during the French Revolution and sought refuge in Britain. The Great Western Railway Company had decorated the station yard for the occasion of the wedding  and flags were displayed throughout the town.

32. The Tannery Fire Evesham Nov 8th 1908

The tannery was located in Mill Street on the right before the Mill.

33. Wyatt & Co Butchers, Port Street

Wyatt & Co could be found at 4, Port Street in Bengeworth. This picture is c 1890

34. Evesham Corporation, Town Hall, 1928

In 1928, Samuel Byrd, a local fruit merchant was the Mayor of Evesham, and the Town Clerk was Mr F Davies

35. Freedom of the Borough

Ettwell Augustine Barnard ‘s articles were very popular with Evesham Journal readers and in 1951 he was the 4th person to become an Honorary Freeman of the Borough of Evesham. He is the man you can see standing during the ceremony.

36. Coronation Dinner, Merstow Green

The committee of the Merstow Green Coronation Dinner ready to celebrate the Coronation of George V and Queen Mary in Merstow Green on 22nd June 1911 

37. Royal Wedding, Bridge Street

See picture 31

38. Three gents, Evesham Regatta

Evesham was renowned for its regatta and became known as the Henley of the Midlands!

39. Prince Henry's Grammar School Hockey Team

The school has a long history of success stretching back more than 600 years since its beginnings in the Abbey of Evesham. The school was refounded by James 1 in 1605 and given the name of his eldest son Henry, Prince of Wales. Girls were admitted in 1906 and the first buildings were erected on the present site in 1909 as the school became a mixed grammar school. Sixth Form work developed in the 1920's and 1930's. The first comprehensive intake joined the school in 1973.

The date of this photo is not known but we know that the person in the pads is C E Miller the Headmaster at the time.

40. Smithfield's Cattle Market

See picture 21

41, 42, 43, 44     Drawings of Evesham

The pictures were drawn by students of The De Montfort Middle School in Evesham.  The students were asked to draw their vision of Evesham and the Council received many different pictures.  Here we have a selection of those drawings.  41 was drawn by Adrianna, 42 by Miles, 43 by AJ and 44 by Harry.