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Town Plan Committee Evesham Town Council

The Town Plan Committee has been established to implement the recommendations of the Town Plan.

The committee is made up of 7 town councillors including the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, and 3 other members of the community.  The committee is clerked by the Town Clerk, and the Wychavon Inward Investment Manager, Mr Shawn Riley, also advises the committee.

The committee does not have delegated authority and recommendations must go to the Council.  The Town Plan Committee deals with the following in relation to the Town Plan:

  • Establish priorities
  • Act on the proposals and projects as set out in the town plan.
  • Set up taskforces to help deliver the plan
  • Co-opt non councillors for a one year period to aid with delivery of a particular part of the plan
  • Incur expenditure up to the budget given to it by the Council and in accordance with the Council’s Standing orders and Financial Regulations
  • Seek external funding

    The following must be recommended to Council:

  • Any recommendation or action relating to a service offered by the Town Council
  • Any recommendation or action that changes or affects Town Council policy

The Members of this committee are:

Cllr Mrs S Amor ( Mayor)
Cllr A Booth

Cllr P Clifford (Deputy Mayor)

Cllr A Dyke
Cllr M Goodge 
Cllr R Hale 
Cllr Mrs J Tucker (Chairman)

Non councillor members without voting rights are:

Mr Robin Walker
Mr Bruce Taylor
Mrs Gillian Pawson

Mr Shawn Riley from Wychavon Distirct Council is an Officer who advises the Committee and has no voting rights.

Click here for the Agendas & Minutes of the Town Plan Committee

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