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Property Committe Evesham Town Council

Property Committee

Meetings held quarterly

The Property Committee has the responsibility of looking after the Town Council’s large portfolio of buildings and outdoor spaces. Buildings include the upstairs of the Town Hall, The Almonry Heritage Museum, the War Memorial. Outdoor spaces include three cemeteries, the closed church yard at St Peters, All Saints Churchyard and Hampton Playing Fields.

The current Members of the Property Committee are Cllr Mrs D Raphael (Chairman), Cllr J Bulman (Vice-Chairman), Cllr M Goodge, Cllr C Homer (Town Mayor), Cllr P Boyd, Cllr A Dyke, Cllr M Elliman, Cllr Mrs J Sandalls, Cllr J Smith OBE and Cllr I Stewart.

Contact details for councillors can be found here.

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