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Promotion Committee - Evesham Town Council

The Promotion Committee’s remit is to consider the best ways and means by which to promote Evesham to the wider community. With tourism being a major element of the town’s economy, the committee look for projects that will stimulate growth in that area and consequently boost the town’s trading and retail health.  If you have an event/festival that you would like to request a grant for, please download the application form.

The current Members of the Promotion Commitee are Cllr M Hammon (Chairman), Cllr A Booth (Vice-Chairman), Cllr M Goodge, Cllr C Homer (Town Mayor), Cllr J Bulman, Cllr A Dyke, Cllr G O'Donnell, Cllr R Raphael, Cllr Mrs D Raphael and Cllr Mrs R Whiting.

Contact details for councillors can be found here.

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