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Contact the Town Clerk of Evesham Town Council

Mrs Francesca Pridding 
Unit 6 - Abbey Lane Court
Abbey Lane Evesham
WorcestershireWR11 4BY

Tel: 01386 565700


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Town Council Staff

Office Team

Mrs Carol Chambers - Finance and Adminstration Officer - contact for accounts, payments

Mrs Keeley Cullen - Administration Officer - contact for cemeteries, churchyards, allotments, Town Hall, Mayoral enquiries -

Outdoor Services Team

Mr Richard Osbourne - Outdoor Services Manager
Mr David Haynes - Outdoor Services Officer
Miss Karen Harper - Parish Lenghtsman/Outdoor Services Officer
Mr Anthony Keightley - Outdoor Services Officer

Almonry Museum and Tourist Information Centre Team

Ms Ashleigh Jayes - Almonry Manager - Email
Mrs Jayne Flaxman - Senior Heritage/TIC Officer - Email
Mr Alex Bear - Senior Heritage/TIC Officer - Email
Mr Philip Logan - Assistant Heritage/TIC Officer - Email
Mr Stephen Chambers - Assistant Heritage/TIC Officer - Email
Tel: 01386 446944

Out of hours emergency only contact 07375 249277